Our Purpose

As we searched the web for info on good SBC (single board computing) projects, instruction, and parts resources, we found the field lacking. There are very few good instructional sites and most offer as projects in their explanations the ho hum "Hello World" of SBC, "The Blinking LED" and not much more. There are a few good examples of one or the other, but it seems almost none of them offers all three in depth.

It is our aim here to do just that. Here is how we do it:

  • Free Instruction: We want to offer free instruction of as many Single Board Computers as the general electronic hobby community finds interesting enough to use in their projects and/or development.
  • Product Testing and Review: As stated in our “About Page”, we try before You We order many parts to test and evaluate them, and we also use reviewers from Youtube to present you with the best products we find in the markets. Most electronics products are only available from far away countries like China and Japan, so it is difficult to be your own Guinea pig, because shipping takes long times and returns are somewhat impractical.
  • In Depth Projects: We will regularly post what we and our members consider useful home and business projects and take requests for projects our customers and members find most interesting. Along with these projects we will present the resources for all the parts needed to complete the projects and if we don’t carry a specific part, we will link to it elsewhere. (Mr. Blinky is not here)
  • Community Involvement: Just as there are popular Youtube channels that engage with their subscribers, we also engage with our member community. We want to hear from you so we can help you become successful makers.
    • Some of you are novices and we will teach you.
    • Some of you are intermediate level makers and we will help you find good products for your projects.
    • Some of you are advanced level makers and we can learn from you and hopefully inspire you to contribute to the community.


We are essentially trying to be “The One Stop Shop” for the maker community. We feel there is a great need for a place where we can all collaborate, learn and present our own projects to the community. Certainly, there are stores that just sell products and cheaply too, but how much time and money is wasted by confusion of what products work or do not work. How do you know they are selling you good products? Even if you save a few bucks, how much time will you lose if you must return things that don’t meet your standards, and order from someone else? How much loyalty comes with the cheapest price on a product? We are interested in and investing in your success. We feel this industry can explode with healthy options and resources by helping the community grow. That means more projects available for members, more Single Board Computers, and more parts and supplies for our projects. By our investing in the community, we will help the market grow. When the community grows, and members become informed customers and experienced makers, manufacturers can invest in making more parts and supplies and of higher quality as well as new developments in technology.

We are investing in you and we want you to invest in us, by making us your “go to” place for buying parts, supplies and kits and for contributing to the community and sharing your knowledge with your peers. At the time of this post our journey has just begun and we look forward to making this journey with all makers. In the future, we plan to add many other non-electronic projects, such as metal working, woodworking, plastics, fiberglass/carbon fiber, and others so that we can all grow as makers and become well rounded in skills and abilities. We cannot do this alone. We will grow as a community if we develop positive relationships with each other and welcome everyone from novice to expert equally. You’ll get out of this community and this store, what you put into it and we believe most of you want to be positive members and loyal customers. By contributing, you grow the community, by shopping here, you help us to lower prices, and source higher quality goods. Manufacturers typically give better prices to stores that buy in bulk, but buying in bulk requires sales and profits that can be reinvested into ordering more product in bulk. The more we can buy in bulk, the more products we can offer with local shipping options. For our US customers, that means more products will be available in stock in the US and our customers won’t wait weeks for imports to arrive. For European customers, it will take longer to get there, but we plan to develop local resources for you as well.

We invite you to comment and contribute. We highly value positive contributions, and we expect all who comment to participate in an intelligent and polite manner. We prefer you criticize no one, but especially do not criticize unless you are prepared to be treated in a likewise manner. We also appreciate honesty and transparency, so we encourage you to register as yourself, not with an anonymous handle. Those who constantly criticize others anonymously will be considered as trolls and treated likewise.

So, will you Join us?


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