About Us

What we are:

We are a store and a free club. We consider this the place to go if you are interested in doing things and having good products to use while you do them. We have all kinds of products but in any category we have attempted to find the best products by highest ratings in the category. We and our reviewers test and evaluate these products and rate them for quality and value, so you don't get stuck with products you need to return or worse keep and not use.

If a product doesn't meet our standards, we don't offer it to our customers. We have experienced letdowns ourselves when we bought things that were not as advertised and the customer service was lousy. We understand sometimes a customer buys something and then changes their mind or just doesn't like it and we don't want you to feel stuck with it, so we strive to have excellent customer service policies.

What we do:

We scour the markets US and foreign, because some things just aren't made in the US and we sift through all the advertising and manufacturing to find products made by the best companies from US and abroad. Not all imports are created equal and sometimes the cheapest ones are cheaper for good reason and we want to know that we are getting the best products from the best manufacturers, so we order similar products from most of those available and rate them. Those which rate highest, we carry on our store. Our customers need products they can depend on for their projects. We have a community of customers who build things from our projects and we want them to have the best materials to make their projects successful.

How we do it:

Each product has descriptions, instructions and links to reviews and project videos where someone has used the product to make their project. We have tutorials, and lessons for how to use the products to make things and how to become good at it. So we don't just want to offer products for sale, but the knowledge of how to use them and the means to make you successful in your projects.  We have project specific kits, so you don't have to search for all the items you need to make the project, and it saves money you would otherwise spend on multiple shipping fees. You also don't have to buy a kit full of things you don't need for your project.